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Posted: 10 October 2019 by Anne Ashford (Pike in beekeeping circles!)

Autumn buzzin'

I edit a magazine for Taunton beekeepers and this is our latest issue!

Once again I'm grateful to Josh Beadon and graphic designer, and beekeeper, Harriet at Toco Creative for making the publication an easy-read and a great pick-up.

I’m sure I’m not the only beekeeper to be glad that the 2019 beekeeping year is drawing to a close after a phenomenally busy and challenging six months – at last there’s time to reflect on what a year it’s been! Inside Buzz, our President and bee farmer Chris Harries picks out this season’s most notable features – the highs and the lows.

However, the bees still need care and attention during the coming months and Chairman Lynne Ingram has plenty of advice about how to help our colonies survive and thrive in the regular feature In the Apiary.
Lynne has been on a beekeeping extravaganza in Canada – touring bee farms and attending Apimondia, the biannual get-together of beekeepers from around the world. Her beautifully illustrated feature takes in many of the highlights of the trip and looks at one of the biggest issues facing honey consumers and retailers – widespread honey fraud.

I'm just waiting for a Sunday newspaper expose on the state of the UK honey market - all the evidence I've seen indicates that nearly half the honey on the shelves in not as labelled - that can range from it not being honey at all (yes!), to being mixed with syrup (a cheap ingredient), to being contaiminated or not coming from the country indicated. Click here to read more.

If you want to enjoy some high quality and authentic honey, seek out your local beekeepers and avoid the rotteness which is permeating such a substanital part of the honey market. 

I sell my honey at North Curry Post Office & Stores to the east of Taunton in Somerset. And I can guarantee it is as described - deliciously made by honeybees foraging on the flowers in the village.