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Posted: 10 March 2016 by Anne Ashford

Out now - latest honeybee news!

In the latest issue of the beekeepers' newsletter I edit, there's a smorgasbord of bee-related articles to get the year off to a sweet start!

Commercial beekeeper Chris Harries gives us his take on the winter and its
impact on the apiary; there are extraordinary pictures which show the nectar
guides which entice bees into flowers; Taunton President Jenny Gammon
gives us the latest in her popular series about candle making and there’s a
tempting cake to bake.
Master Beekeeper Lynne Ingram, who has recently joined the committee,
has written a blow by blow account of how pesticide spraying killed her bees
and the subsequent investigation undertaken by the ‘responsible’ agencies. It
makes chilling reading.

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